Yudy Uribe

Yudy Uribe

Gerente Zona Franca Tayrona

Describe the benefits of your FTZ

The FTZ in Tayrona is located in an advantageous position, strategically just 12km from the port of Santa Marta. We are able to access three major consumer centres of Colombia by the roads Ruta del Sol and Troncal del Caribe.

Thankfully another important factor, as we are close to la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, is that we have a micro climate which is dry, has a low salt atmosphere and an average humidity of 70% so our city is the one on the coast with the lowest level of corrosion. With these conditions we are able to operate mechanical metal processes and also manufacture electronic components.

Our FTZ is the only one in the country connected to the train lines of Santa Marta, these interconnections allow us to be more competitive and gives us access to the main production centres in the country.

For extra value we advise our clients how to model their business to achieve higher profits and financial optimisation. We also offer them a better and more efficient logistic chain thanks to our strategic agreements.

Our operation is 24/7 365 days a year and we have high quality experienced staff  in foreign trade.

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