Olga Lucía Monje

Olga Lucía Monje

Gerente Zona Franca Surcolombiana

Can you describe the benefits of your FTZ?

Firstly the availability of raw materials. Huilla is a region with a high volume of people working in the industrial agricultural sector with high productivity. In coffee we are the highest producer, basically in special coffees. In fruit we are the main producer of ´pasiflora´ that comes from ´cholupa´. In the fish industry we are the main producer of ´tilapia´. In rice we have the most technological level in industry. In cocoa we have the best quality and are top of the national production. We are gifted with major deposits of phosphoric rock, marble and other minerals.

There are many qualified people available to work in the region, many are technical and professional in different areas of knowledge. In Huilla we have 20 higher education institutions, highlighted by University Sur Colombiana with one of the best Engineering programmes such as petrol engineering. Also in health there is a big hospital infrastructure and the latest technology for scientific research in cancer and transplants.

We are strategically located for the interconnection of the national and international markets. We are located in the south east of Colombia close to the Department of Tolima, west of Cauca, Caqueta and Putumayo. Huilla has many roads connecting it to the centre, the east, the west and south Colombia as well as South America.

Neiva is the leader in relation to benefits as reported by the British Financial Times newspaper which specialises in financial analysis. Neiva is the most profitable city in South America and the 8th in Latin America. Also it has tax exemptions for industry and commerce for 10 years and a low cost of living. Obviously the presence of the FTZ is important for the region.

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