Alejandro Rodríguez

Factoría Quinoa

Zona Franca del Pacífico

  1. What was the determining factor for you to take the decision to participate in the Free Trade Zone?

There were several that led to the decision.

After analysing several FTZs in the country we chose the FTZ Pacifico because of the infrastructure and it has all the requirements we need as an industrial agriculture company.

The strategic location for import and export because our primary materials come from plantations in Cauca, Narino and Equador. To export, the fact of being near to the port of Buenaventura plays an important role in efficiency and cost.

Cali has a good supply of goods and services to help operate and support the industry.

We are 10 minutes from the airport, which is vital, because 80% of our sales are exported, many visit us regularly, and to go to another city for a meeting and return the same day does not affect our efficiency and costs.

Finally and very important, the tax benefits, customs and foreign commerce by being in a FTZ. This FTZ, as a pioneer, has advantages that others do not have.

  1. Point out 5 factors how the Free Trade Zone help to increase the exportation of your products or services.

The reliability for our clients of being in a FTZ implies that we comply with control requirements, audits, quality among others.

Tax benefits that save costs means we can invest more in the business.

Warehouse inspections for the H&S authorities.

Advice of DIAN.

Benefits of the manufacture of imported primary materials without addition costs.

  1. Indicate 3 characteristics that the Free Trade Zone has that promote the competitiveness of your operation.

We are allowed to only pay partial taxes for imports resulting in a better cash-flow.

A DIAN office in the FTZ.

Access to TAN with access to trademark service.

  1. Why do you consider the Free Trade Zones generate development and investment?

Because of the attractiveness of the regime and the strategic location which allow for economies of scale. This is very interesting for the investors. These aspects generate trust to invest.

  1. Since being in the Free Trade Zone what are the most important benefits that you have given to the region?

One of the main benefits has been the generation of quality employment. We started our entrepreneurship with 12 workers and after one year we have more that 20 direct employees and more than 20 indirect. Paying taxes and working with local suppliers. We proposed a new industry to Valle regarding the ´Quinoa´, generating knowledge for the industry creating productive chains.

  1. What economic and social benefits has the Free Trade Zone contributed to your company and the region?

The attraction of national and foreign investment to generate quality employees, the development of clusters and productive chains and the accumulated knowledge for each industry.

  1. What benefits would you have by being in a FTZ with respect to free trade agreements?

Preferential access to markets, the TLC is a very efficient medium to guarantee the access of our products to different countries.

Creation of clusters of complementary industries.

Competitive advantages verses future competitors.

  1. Factually, how can you benefit the region by establishing your operations in the FTZ?

Factoria Quinoa is exporting to several countries with the brand Quinoasure. It ensures more visibility for the Valle region, as our clients always ask where we are located, like in the international fairs that we attend.

In 6 months of operations clients have come from Japan, Dubai, Taiwan, Italy and Canada among others, generating tourism, knowledge of the industry and investment in Valle.

Innovation in developing our products creating knowledge.

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