Francisco Ricaurte

Gerente general de UPS para Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia y Venezuela.

Zona Franca Bogotá

  1. What was the determining factor for you to take the decision to participate in the Free Trade Zone?

Colombia has a competitive regime of FTZs with various benefits to the companies. For UPS Colombia one of the factors that influenced us to join the FTZ was to have some Customs benefits, such as the exception of payment of import duties on merchandise.

  1. Indicate 3 characteristics that the Free Trade Zone has that promote the competitiveness of your operation.

The fact that there are Customs benefits.

Foreign goods from our clients when coming to a FTZ are free of Customs clearance procedures.

Our clients with foreign operations can use the FTZ as a HUB or as a place from which to send merchandise from Colombia to the rest of the world.

  1. Why do you consider the Free Trade Zones generates development and investment?

In UPS we consider the FTZ encourages investment because the income tax is 15% less, perhaps, the fact we do not pay taxes for importing makes the process for our clients more productive in the zones.

  1. Since being in the Free Trade Zone what are the most important benefits that you have given to the region?

One of the benefits to UPS of joining the FTZ is the reduction in costs to some sectors such as the High Tech sector, which has a positive impact of hiring more workers in some industries.

  1. What economic and social benefits has the Free Trade Zone contributed to your company and the region?

One of the benefits the FTZ has given UPS is the opportunity to offer differentiated services to our clients. For example, repacking, it´s faster reducing cost and time.

  1. Factually, how can you benefit the region by establishing your operations in the FTZ?

It has allowed us to improve our logistic costs for our clients making them more competitive in the market.

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