Yuki Nobori

Castem Colombia

Zona Franca Intexzona

  1. What was the determining factor for you to take the decision to participate in the Free Trade Zone?

The FTZ has some very good advantages for businesses that are starting in the country.

  1. Point out 5 factors how the Free Trade Zone help to increase the exportation of your products or services.

We are not yet in the production stage, we are organising the business, machinery and training to start production. The initial objective of Castem Colombia SAS is to export to the United States. The factors that help to export are being in a FTZ where the exportation process is easier with less taxes, less tariff rates and the reduction in the cost of production and materials.

  1. Indicate 3 characteristics that the Free Trade Zone has that promote the competitiveness of your operation.

We do not pay IVA for purchases nationally or internationally. Also duty is 0%.

  1. Why do you consider the Free Trade Zones generate development and investment?

They allow companies to grow capacity to compete in international markets. With the benefits mentioned before we are more competitive.

  1. Since being in the Free Trade Zone what are the most important benefits that you have given to the region?

The FTZ mainly generates employment. This attracts development such as roads and electricity.

  1. What economic and social benefits has the Free Trade Zone contributed to your company and the region?

Taxes, production and employment. In the case of our company we are in the FTZ Intexzona, we are very close to the airport. Logistically it is a great advantage.

  1. What benefits would you have by being in a FTZ with respect to free trade agreements?

In exports I think we will have an advantage with the agreements.

  1. Factually, how can you benefit the region by establishing your operations in the FTZ?

Many times we have mentioned the employees. We are not yet operational but already we have 24 employees working. This is very important. We have also brought to Colombia new technology. We are going to train and teach people so we grow together; this is most important.

  1. What projects are you actually developing in the FTZ?

Castem Colombia SAS is a micro casting company producing precision pieces. Currently we are training because the aim is to always be near to perfection. Once we start production we want our clients always to be satisfied and to expand our sales, even inside Colombia.

  1. What is your operation in the FTZ?

Fabricating precision metal pieces

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