Martha Lenis Castro Castro

Uditech S.A.S.

Zona Franca Santander

  1. What was the determining factor for you to take the decision to participate in the Free Trade Zone?

From the start of the FTZ Santander we visualised a complete project that allowed us to integrate our business in one place. Our vision as a Higher Education Institution is to generate ties with the Productive sector and learn first hand their problems and generate solutions.

  1. Why do you consider the Free Trade Zones generates development and investment?

Because of their strategic location and their facility to integrate and connect National and International companies with the Academy.

  1. Since being in the Free Trade Zone what are the most important benefits that you have given to the region?

For us and our community UDISTA, to be part of a FTZ allows us to have access to many scenarios that otherwise we would not know or would have taken us some time to find. FTZ Santander allows us to develop academic activities that allow our students to understand the business environment and the possibilities of growth in the region. In the same way this contact with business and International companies has allowed us to provide technical visits for our students and teachers, national and international practices and apprenticeships; allowing us to understand new trends in the different areas of knowledge.

  1. What economic and social benefits has the Free Trade Zone contributed to your company and the region?

Currently the benefits for UDI are not economic but nevertheless we hope that with the investment and investigation work we are undertaking that soon we will achieve our goals.

  1. What is the operation of UDITECH in the FTZ Santander?

UDITECH is a spin off of UDI. We are focussed on investigative work in different areas of knowledge, taking experience and work from the different Groups of Investigation of the Institution.

  1. What projects are you actually developing in the FTZ?

Actually UNITECH is focussed on several areas but basically our work is focussed on the use of technology to provide solutions to the community. From this point of view we work in the robotic and related areas, developing apps for mobiles and providing innovative and creative software. For this the various investigation departments work together seeking to address the national market and in the future the South American market.

  1. Why is it important for a university to be part of a space of opportunity such as a FTZ Santander?

All Institutions of Higher Education should be part of a FTZ. One of the common complaints of the graduates and business is the huge gap between academia and the productive sector, in that sense we want to close the gap and not to wait until the companies look for the universities but for us to seek the companies in order to provide them with relevant and appropriate solutions for the development of their activities.


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