Juan Carlos Botero

Juan Carlos Botero

Gerente Zona Franca Pacífico

Can you describe the benefits of your FTZ?

This FTZ has industrial multi-users with the emphasis on industrial rather than logistics. It is very close to Buenaventura, only 2.5 hours away, and only 7 minutes from the International Airport Alfonso Bonilla Aragon. We are also on one of the national principal dualed roads, from Valle del Cauca.

With regard to our entrances and exits we have a 3-lane entrance and exit each with a weighbridge capable of 100 tonnes. Our internal roads are 15m wide enabling access to be very efficient especially for companies, warehouses and factories.

Another benefit is our Software Pacifico. All FTZs have software to control the movement of stock but ours is excellent. The industries that operate in this FTZ bring in materials and supplies from around the world and from Colombia. There are some products manufactured that contain 20, 25 or even 30 different primary materials that are processed into finished products. The stock control software has to record the traceability of the quantity of primary materials used in the finished product. If you do not have robust software it will cause a headache when it comes to stock control and when dealing with the authorities. Our FTZ fortunately has this software that makes and provides extra value for our users.

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