Jorge Cardona

Jorge Cardona

Gerente Zona Franca Intexzona

Can you describe the benefits of your FTZ?

The Permanent FTZ in Intexzona has a privileged location, we are in the most important road corridor that connects the centre with the rest of the country. We are about 2.2km from the International Airport, El Dorado in Bogota. We are 1.8km from Bogota in the via al sol (Siberia) and fortunately do not pay fees for the Avenida 80, one of the most important routes in the capital.

Intexzona is the FTZ with the best price in the region because our average occupancy rate per plot is higher with an average of 84.7%. We are recognised for our high quality and personalised service and our time to respond in the market is one of the best as we take an average of 20 minutes to approve operations of entry and exit of loads in the FTZ. Unlike other FTZs we have an all-inclusive fee for operations and an extended schedule to address operations outside of normal operations. We have the bank services of Bancolombia inside the FTZ to pay taxes, access to cash machines etc. The extra value of our legislation is important because of great tax advantages, customs and foreign commerce derived from the law 1004 of the year 2005, also the benefits from agreement 20 from the municipality of Cota resulting in less taxes and incentives for creating additional local employment. We offer a customs service, loading agents and transporters through our strategic partners.

We are the only FTZ outside Bogota that offers a Permanent Attention Centre with a DIAN office that provides for all operational needs. We also have facilities offering restaurant and coffee for employees.

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