Diego Vargas

Diego Vargas

Gerente Zona Franca Bogotá

Can you describe the benefits of your FTZ?

This is the only FTZ in urban Bogota about 1.5km from the International Airport El Dorado that provides us with a safe and short corridor to the main terminal for cargo flights and low cost for international distribution.

Within the FTZ Bogota we have the most technology to provide a better operation to our companies. It is the most connected zone in the country with 14 telecommunications operators using fibre optic and satellite connections. We have double network power supply, permanent security 24/7 and access control, double fence perimeter, movement sensors, CCTV, lights and fire detection and extinguisher system.

In the FTZ Bogota we offer benefits that make us different, giving more to the companies and their workers because we always think of the people. We have auditoriums, meeting rooms and permanent ambulance and fire service. We have banks, health centre and petrol stations. Our social area works with the Mayor looking after workers children whilst their parents are at work. We have security patrols, food courts, a supermarket, drug store and gardens where our people can spend time during their breaks. Our FTZ has 4 internal bus routes and a special training programme for the workers.

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